GMC HUMMER EV PICKUP | “Declassified: Drive Modes Overview” | GMC

Selecting the right drive mode in GMC HUMMER EV Pickup is as easy as turning a dial. Learn how you can select from 5 drive modes to tailor the supertruck’s driving characteristics. • Off-Road Mode - For off-roading recreational conditions, Off-Road Mode improves driving at moderate speeds, on grass, gravel, dirt, unpaved or snow-covered roads • Terrain Mode - When traveling on rough roads at low speeds, such as a two-track or heavily rutted road use Terrain Mode • Tow/Haul Mode - For more comfort and confidence while towing • Normal Mode - For city and highway driving, Normal Mode provides a balance between comfort and handling • My Mode - To personalize everyday driving, My Mode configures HUMMER EV’s drive systems to your precise driving preferences   To make the most of your GMC HUMMER EV Pickup driving experience, explore all Declassified videos here:

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