Adrian Steel Releases New Interior Ladder Storage Solution

Introducing the Interior Ladder Rack 
brought to you by Adrian Steel 

Adrian Steel introduces an innovative solution for the transport of step ladders inside of work vans.  This solution provides a safe and efficient means of transport for your step ladder from job site to job site.  Such transport is possible thanks to a new product, the Interior Ladder Rack, which allows you to store your ladder inside of your van by mounting it to either the partition or shelf panel.

Out of the Way, Never Out of Reach. The Interior Ladder Rack from Adrian Steel…

•    Allows you to store your ladder inside while providing quick and easy access to your ladder from the outside of your vehicle. 
•    Does not take up, limit, or reduce vertical standing room in your van, allowing you to make full use of your vehicle. 
•    Eliminates the outside wear and tear on your ladder, as it will be stored inside and thus protecting your ladder from the elements, theft, and road grime. 
•    Customers will appreciate your use of clean, well taken care of equipment rather than bringing the outside mess into their home.
•    Features plastic coated clamps to protect the ladder rungs during transit. 
•    Perfect for carrying 4ft and 6ft step ladders and works best in medium and high roof vans.

About Adrian Steel
Our goal is to optimize the value of the customer’s commercial vehicle by understanding the role of the vehicle in the customer’s business.  Adrian Steel provides solutions for a range of vehicles from crossovers to cargo vans.  Our customers include those with one vehicle in their fleet to 50,000 vehicles in their fleet.  Adrian Steel has upfitted over 1 million vehicles in our 60 plus years in business and has leveraged that expertise in engineering our innovative product line.  Adrian Steel’s installation network provides you options to get your vehicle upfitted regardless of where you need to get them done: at the factory, out of dealer stock, at your place of business, or through a bailment pool.  Adrian Steel’s strong reputation in cargo management solutions is only matched by our resolve to offer the industry’s best lead times and highest quality. 

Learn more at www.AdrianSteel.com or call (800) 677-2726.

Adrian Steel.  Because your work demands the best.

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