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Since its humble beginnings in 1848, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has continually worked to improve its processes and manufacturing capabilities.  Due to this commitment of continual improvement, Knapheide stands today with the most highly automated and technologically advanced equipment and processes in the industry. Knapheide's Westphalia facility houses the majority of our manufacturing processes.  The Westphalia plant was completed in 1997 and covers a staggering 480,000 square feet.

A recent highlight in the continuing history of The Knapheide Manufacturing Company is the company receiving ISO 9001:2008 certification.  ISO is a quality management system that is recognized globally.  While the core of this certification is focused on product quality, Knapheide took the process a step further and utilized the processes to improve virtually every area of the company from how orders are received and processed to the shipping of the product to the end customer.


Our dedicated manufacturing employees are a huge asset to our company, and receive on-going training for continuous improvement.  Knapheide delights in the fact that many of its employees are multi-generational and have a long tenure with the company.   Knapheide’s training program for its welding operations is second to none. Six AWS certified CWI and CWE’s conduct a forty hour program that all welders must complete prior to joining the assembly team.  Of its team of welders, over 100 are AWS certified.

Raw Materials

Over its history, Knapheide has strategically aligned itself with leading raw material suppliers and has developed long term relationships with them that mutually benefit both sides of the partnerships.   As a result of these partnerships, cutting edge supply chain processes have been developed that cuts down lead times, enhances the quality of the products, and helps to control costs.  This enables Knapheide to continue to provide to its customers the highest quality and superior end products available in the industry.  Some of our most common raw materials include:

    A40 Galvanized Automotive Quality Steel
    Hot Rolled Steel
    Cold Rolled Steel
    Tread Plate
    Automotive Quality Finishing Products

Fabrication Equipment and Machinery

As Knapheide has evolved over the last 164 years, so has the technology in equipment and machinery.  Knapheide continues to cultivate a long term strategic alignment with The Amada Company to continually update and modernize its fabrication capabilities.  This allows Knapheide to remain the most efficient and technologically advanced company in the industry.  Knapheide utilizes the following machinery and equipment within our manufacturing facilities:

    CNC Shears
    Plasma Cutters
    Laser Cutters
    CNC Turret Punches
    CNC Press Brake
    Roll Formers
    Automated Steel Processing Cells

Assembly Process

After all of the engineering and fabrication of the prime unit parts is complete, the assembly process begins.  Knapheide’s assembly procedures and multiple progressive lines allow them to be very flexible, highly efficient, and produce the highest quality product in the industry.  Knapheide has a large offering of catalog products that is quickly available and meets a large portion of our customers needs. However, while most of the industry shy’s away from custom built products, the Knapheide Company prides itself in its ability to build product that is designed to meet specific customer requirements and needs.  Rather than limit the product available to their customers to standard product, Knapheide’s motto is “Dream it, and we will build it”.  Some of the assembly processes include:

    MIG & Resistance Welding
    Automated Robotic MIG & Resistance Welding
    Flexible Product Assembly Lines & Processes


The flagship of our manufacturing process is our automated “K-Coat” finishing system.  K-coat is a highly efficient electro-deposition coating process that is widely used in the automotive industry.  Through this process, Knapheide is proud to offer its customers the highest quality corrosion resistant coating available.

    Automotive Quality E-Coat System
    Automotive Quality Undercoating
    Automotive Quality Finish Paint

For over 166 years, Knapheide has always been a leader through our manufacturing superiority in the industries we serve.  With the ISO 9001:2008 certification, this is a new starting point for us as we meet our customer’s expectations into the 21st century.

Find out more at http://www.knapheide.com/

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