GM FUEL TANKS Fuel Tanks for your GM Truck

70 Gallon Refueling Tank and Tool Box Combination
Part No. 0800116230

Fits short bed and long bed pickups. Fits over the bed rails. Raise or lower toolbox section to fit your bed height. US DOT legal for gas, diesel, ethanol, methanol, kerosene and aviation fuel. Includes 12-volt refueling pump, 12 foot hose, nozzle, and fuel pump. 12-volt pump pumps 7 gallons per minute. Operates with dash-mounted power switch. Comes standard with diamond plate lid. Toolbox shell and fuel tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel. Fuel tank is baffled to reduce fuel slosh. Stainless stell locking paddle handles. Fuel fill access is located inside the locking storage compartment. Storage area ranges from 5 1/2 cubic feet to 8 1/2 cubic feet. Toolbox depth ranges from 9" deep to 13 1/2" deep. Over all dimensions: 72” L x 23” W x 23 1/2” to 27 1/2". Made in the USA

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